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Hi, I am Khaldoon,πŸ‘‹

Welcome to My HUB.

I am a member of an elite group of entrepreneurs, Affiliated to Four Percent LLC, who, together, we strive to help people like you build a successful online business to enable them to have a stable income

and live on their terms.

To be part of a network, you have access to valuable resources of information, knowledge, and tools that will further improve my online business skills.

Why I joined Four Percent

After retirement from Architecture, I was looking for an accessible alternative to fill my spare time and earn extra income while having enough time to spend with my family.

I heard from colleagues to try an online marketing business, which is popular. I started my long search and found out that affiliate marketing is best suited to me; as an affiliate, I promote other companies’ products without having the trouble of stocking products and not having to stock products and the hassle of inventories. 

Four Percent to be one of the most influential and fastest-growing affiliate marketing companies. Four percent gained enormous attention and followers in the last few years. They have excellent programs and an extensive affiliate community, which appealed to me.

What have I learned from four percent?

Four percent gave me a solid foundation in affiliate internet marketing. They taught me the correct way to approach the internet market. Marketing is not pushing products on the internet in the hope of selling them but offering a solution to a problem.

I learned the concept of a hub, where all activities are cantered and all transactions are performed. I learned the importance of building a community with appropriate members to interact and advance together as a community.

I gained extensive knowledge about traffic sources and how to implement them to my advantage. I learned correct money management techniques, which are vital for an entrepreneur that will enable me on the way to financial freedom, Now, I have the skills and confidence to venture into different products and niches in the marketplace.

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ABOUT Our Mentor

Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus is the founder and CEO of FourPercent.com-a world-class training center for digital entrepreneurs, and ESTAGE.com a technology company.

Vick has a unique way of teaching, starting from the foundation up. Explaining that foundation is the main structure that will be able to hold your business. When you attend his classes, you feel like he is talking to you personally. He has such intense energy that pulls you towards him.

All the programs presented on my hub are Free. Below, you can attend a FREE WEBINAR presented by our Mentor, Vick Strizeus, where you can gain valuable insight into the world of affiliate marketing.

πŸ‘‹ Invitation πŸ‘‹

Dear friend. I invite you to visit Four Percent HUB. There, you can have adequate insight about the company, its courses, services, and benefits to its subscribers. You are also invited to attend the

"7 Steps To Freedom". A Free course that is a must-watch for any entrepreneur. If interested, please click the button below to obtain a no-obligation Free Account at Four Percent. Happy scrolling. 😎

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